Investing in real estate gives an investor one tool that is not available to stock market investors. Investing in real estate has become progressively admired over the last two decades and has become a shared investment vehicle. It has plenty of opportunities for making whopping gains. We at Royal Arc provide you with the broad category of following options for Investment:

Direct/Individual Real estate investment:
1. Custom homes
2. Pre-construction

Indirect Real Estate investment:
1. Real estate syndicates
2. Land development
3. Commercial properties

When partnering with Royal Arc, you give yourself added benefits, such as:

  • A possible hedge against economic volatility
  • Easy market entry
  • Limited financial liability— limited partners
  • No management concerns
  • Financial leverage
  • You are more in control
  • Diversification and protection

It is no secret that in Ontario, investing in real estate has few parallels. Just some of the benefits include:

  • Tax advantageous
  • Tangible asset
  • Easier to analyze and quantify
  • Less visible volatility
  • A source of pride to pass on to generations
  • More insulated against economic threats
  • The government is on your side
  • Retirement secret weapon

Additional universal benefits of investing in real estate include:

  • Building equity for the future
  • Generating passive income
  • Benefitting the community
  • Indulging entrepreneurial spirit
  • Diversifying investment portfolio
  • Saving for children college education
  • Helping the local economy
  • Outpacing returns of classic investing