Royal Arc and its building partners provide fully customized design/builds.  

 With a team of highly skilled and experienced staff, working together to ensure that every detail of your vision is realized, whether it is starting with an empty lot, building a custom design home or renovating an existing bathroom.

We lead projects all the way from the initial concept phase to turn key completion.  By leveraging our core construction assets through-out all phases of construction, Royal Arc is able to provide solutions to clients, bring outstanding value to the project, minimize risk, and encompass clients’ specifications to their benefit, budget, and schedule.



Would you like to live in a home that you have helped to design and create – reflecting your individual character and the current and future needs of you and your family; Royal Arc Developments could hold the key. Because we are all different, we each want to live in a house that reflects our own personality. Making the custom home a certainty is probably a lot easier than you might think.


Building your custom home is unlike anything else.  Royal arc is merely a tool and an extension of your vision. Working closely with Royal Arc and their partners, watching your vision of your lifestyle coming alive is an experience that must be lived

Royal Arc is the right choice for you, as we are there to make the whole process as easy as possible. We give efficient economies of scale to every niche of the home and built to a better design and quality. This brings the possibility of a new home to those who may not otherwise afford to have one.Our services range from full group self-build to project management for the individual self-builder. We can also offer advice and meetings with other self-builders through our and partners’ events.

The Benefits of Royal Arc:

Working from home:

The primary benefit is that you can achieve a home designed specifically for you and your family’s lifestyle. A flexible, quality living space, tailored to suit your current and future requirements.

Family friendly space:

With young children everybody desires extra space. Royal Arc can design a child-friendly space that is adjustable with the age of children. Whether you prefer open plan living or like to be able to close a door on a defined play area, the choices are yours.

Liberty in retirement:

Royal Arc designs and builds the homes to be more accessible, sustainable and comfortable for your future years. A rational act is to finance your retirement by curbing on home maintenance and utility bills.

Living with elderly or disabled family members:

Caring for an aging parent or relative is much easier if you can design a space that suits everyone’s needs. Royal Arc lets you design an accessible and inclusive space giving them freedom to move around independently and safely.

Future proofing your home:

When you’re involved with the design of your home from the outset, a few simple decisions can ensure your house stands the test of time. Royal Arc offers you intelligent technology that makes life a bit easier, or energy saving choices that reduce your environmental impact.

Sustainable living:

Through Royal Arc, you can live in a high-quality home that is lighter, brighter, better insulated and more energy efficient than more traditional dwellings. Royal Arc has a specific focus on sustainable living with an emphasis on biodiversity, edible landscapes and sustainable drainage.